Maintenance and Support

Technical Support, Helpdesk, ServisDesk

Infonet provides full technical support for all products from date of delivery and during the entire product life cycle.

We provide technical support using e-mail, helpdesk systems and telephones, as well as directly to user's location.

HelpDesk and ServisDesk

HelpDesk and ServisDesk are available around the clock - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • - Requests can be sent via phone, e-mail or a helpdesk
  • - Quickly and efficiently solve frequent standard problems
  • - Special cases takes a professional team of experts
  • - Solves problems that require specific expert knowledge
  • - All users receive information about changes and new versions
  • - With each solved request, we deliver a full report on the activities
  • - All requests are logged and tracked in the system
We are ready to help you with your hardware and software problems. We offer a service station at the location where the problem occurred and we can solve the complex problems at any location in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


More and more organizations are concentrating their efforts on activities that represent the primary line of business, leaving most IT services companies that offer specialized services 'outsourcing'. This service is defined on the basis of standard parameters and allows the client to work without investing in information technology and human resources.

The overall scope of activities defined on the basis of individual client needs. We can deliver complex information systems and provide support and services based on customer requirements.

These services represent a special case of a permanent contract for support, taking the form of a complete information environment, including hardware, software and infrastructure and its transformation in the form of services.

Quality secured services defined by a separate document called a 'Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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