When designing and implementing solutions in the field of information technology, close attention should be paid to the identification of risk, security of information systems, data protection, and maintenance continuity of business operations.

Firewall solutions

Infonet provides design and implementation of firewall systems. Such systems are separating and protecting information systems or any of their portions from unauthorized access or attack. Our solutions include the analysis of threats and risks and implementation of appropriate firewall security policy.

Buildinga Firewall solution usually involves implementationof virtual private networks that allow users to usesecure remote access to company network orto connect local network via public Internet.

Infonet provides high availability and access that is essential for the realization of e-business solutions through the design and implementation of the 'cluster' solutions.

Infonet usesproducts and solutions provided by 'Fortinet Company' whichby their wide range of products and services offers competitiveand optimal solutions for information security environments.


Along with the increased importance of information systems and data, there is a growing importance of the decision to store and create backup of these data and systems. In this increasingly important segment, we offer solutions based on Tivoli Storage Manager, which supports a wide range of network protocols, hardware platforms, operating systems, systems for working with databases and backup equipment. With this solution we can create the optimum system for each client.

Antivirus solutions

Development of the Internet and the boom in filed of electronic communications, especially e-mail, despite the huge opportunities and potentials for better and more efficient business operations, led to a dramatic increase in the risk of computer viruses within the corporate networks in companies of all sizes. Once the most common source of the virus transmission, floppy disk, has been replaced by e-mail messages or programs that are removed from the Internet such as from the web or ftp server.

Infonet has been solving problems of computer viruses for many years; a great experience enabled us to choose the highest quality and optimal solutions that protect not only the client desktop computers but also servers, e-mail systems and Internet access. This approach ensures that they are protected not only data on users' computers, but also data on servers and e-mail messages.

Complex antivirus protection usually involves a system of centrally managed virus protection, which makes easier operation of installation, configuration and updating of individual components of the whole system.

Implementation of the proposed antivirus protection, provided by Infonet, uses products of companies such as Sophos and McAfee which after long-term testing and use in practice have shown optimal performance with high quality security level.

Business continuity

Plan for business continuity has been created in cooperation with company management and employees to help us identify the most critical parts of the system. Plan for continuity of operations greatly facilitates the re-launch of systems and services in case of any failure or loss of functionality.


Infonet provides complex services in the "public key infrastructure (PKI) 'design and implementation. A team of experts in Infonet has several years experience in the implementation of the PKI system. Inseparable part of these projects is the delivery of device for multi-authentication (chip cards, USB tokens, and biometric elements) and cryptographic equipment.

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