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Transform your business operations with our comprehensive ERP software. Our suite of powerful tools includes inventory management, financial reporting, and customizable workflows to increase efficiency and reduce costs. With real-time data visibility, you can make informed decisions confidently.

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We have delivered ERP business solutions fitted to the needs of over 1,000 users, ranging from small companies with just a few employees to the largest enterprise in the region.

Regardless of whether you are expanding into new markets, increasing your business volume, or introducing new products or services, our scalable ERP platform allows you to easily add new modules or expand existing functionalities.








The financial management modules optimize key financial processes, including accounting, cash flow, and financial reporting. With automated bookkeeping, real-time financial data, and customizable reports, you can efficiently manage revenues, track expenses, and make informed financial decisions.

General ledger, balance sheets, and postings

Payroll management

Fixed asset management

Cash management

VAT records with required reporting

Cash- desk management

Automated reminders and payment notifications


Streamline and optimize key sales processes, enabling businesses to effectively manage their sales activities and improve overall sales performance. These modules provide features such as field sales, order processing, pricing management, and reporting.

Mobile sales application

Loyalty card programs

Pricing and discount matrix management

Easy tracking of custom pricing

Transit retail and wholesale

Custom report generation capabilities

Inventory turnover tracking


Customizable for your needs

Combine modules to perfectly match your business needs, add modules when you add in-house processes.

Human Resources

Comprehensive solution for managing various HR processes which ensures compliance with labor regulations and enables data-driven HR decisions for organizational growth and success.

Personnel records

Rewards, reprimands, and incentives

Tracking of medical and sanitary examinations, certificates, and professional exams

Contract administration and management

Third-party records


Attendance tracking


Manage vendor relationships, track purchase orders, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services. With features like supplier management, contract management, and automated approvals, businesses can optimize procurement operations, enhance transparency, and achieve cost savings.

Supplier evaluation

Procurement request dashboard

Purchase approval process

Control and transparency of procurement processes

Automated reminders to suppliers

Minimum and optimal inventory levels


Easily track raw material consumption and work orders to gain comprehensive insights into your manufacturing processes. This module enables you to monitor the quantity of raw materials and materials used at each stage of production, giving you precise data on consumption and inventory status.


Bill of materials

Disassembly lists

Batch tracking

Work orders

Scrap warehouse

Packaging consumption records

Your industry

We serve many fields and industries, whatever your business needs are we can handle it.


How our ERP can help you?

Discover the manifold advantages of implementing an ERP system for your business. From enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations to improved decision-making and customer satisfaction, ERP brings a plethora of benefits to help your company.


Automation of key processes and resource optimization lead to higher productivity and reduced time needed to complete tasks.

Better business insights

The ERP system connects different areas of your business, enabling better management and transparency.

Better customer service

Centralization of information allows for a quicker response to customer demands and better management of their requests.


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