Document management system

Infonet DMS

Document process digitalization and standardization of outgoing documents.

Trusted by more than 1,500 partners

Efficient document and process management is a key requirement for the successful functioning of any organization.

Corporate solution

INFONET DMS is highly scalable and thus applicable in various fields for small and medium-sized companies, as well as large organizations.

Web application


Input protocol creation

Creating letters, notes, contracts, general documents

Outlook Email Integration - Direct Copying to DMS

Word integration - direct recording in DMS

Fax integration

SMS Server - Automatic Sending

Creating Objects and Procedures

Data security

Customer Needs Adjustments

Creating an Output Protocol

Processing of subjects and documents according to a defined process pattern

Available on mobile and tablet devices

stay in the loop on the go

Mobile app

Managers and decision-makers have all documents and cases in one place, allowing them to easily manage departments, assign cases, and track the efficiency of case completion.

Public administration solution

Ensure integrity and transparency in processing requests, and communication with clients and citizens. Enable request status checks, access to case information, and case redistribution for efficient resolutions.

Request flow from request to case officer

Case assignment process

Electronic approvals by department heads

Overview of case progress by departments

Case history

Digital archive and archival location labeling


Enable citizens and businesses to have access to the status of their cases and the case officer working on them. Optimize communication with clients and promote transparency in operations.

InfoDMS Benefits

Centralized document management

All data, images and documents are placed in case folders, and are available to authorised personnelĀ 

Data & Case transparency

Availability of case information and details are available and up to dateĀ 

Fast Case resolution

Due to in-time availability of information the processing of requests is faster

Higher productivity

Stop wasting time on finding relevant information, all case info is in one place

Cost decrease up to 40%

Archiving documentation and retrieving relevant data to resolve a request is unnecessary and time consuming

Improve Customer satisfaction

Faster case resolution and higher transparency increase client satisfaction


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