Manufacturing Management Software

Optimize your manufacturing business with a comprehensive, tailored manufacturing ERP designed to meet your unique needs.

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Monitoring and tracking of manufacturing

The solution provides a comprehensive overview of the production process, allowing for the collection and analysis of data at every step, from raw material procurement to the final product, resulting in a holistic understanding of business operations.

Creation and tracking of work orders

Recording of raw material consumption

Manufacturing equipment 

Work processes and steps

Recording of scrap by cause types

Quality control

Custom software solution designed to seamlessly manage and elevate your car showroom operations. Effortlessly track inventory, create sales proposals, and enhance customer engagement.

Quality control plans

Inspection orders

Batch and lot approvals

Raw material control

Asset management software

Capture and organize critical asset information, such as location, ownership, specifications, maintenance history, and warranty details. This centralized asset database allows for quick and accurate asset identification, reducing the risk of loss or inefficiency in the manufacturing process.

One of the key features of our software is the ability to schedule and track preventive maintenance activities for manufacturing equipment. Users can create maintenance schedules, set reminders, and assign tasks to ensure timely inspections, calibrations, and repairs.

Preventive maintenance schedule


Track pending

Breakdowns &

Employee performance tracking

Manufacturing employees can independently record the number of goods they produced, as well as any resulting scrap. The data is used to generate work lists for employees, enabling faster and more accurate supervision by production managers.

Shift data

Recording of the number of pieces/operations completed

Recording of scrap

Review of work lists based on employees' recorded data

Efficiency reports - fulfillment of time targets

Application for meat processing factories

By incorporating functionalities like yield analysis and product evaluation, the software guarantees precise and streamlined administration of meat processing activities. Additionally, it provides dedicated modules for overseeing specialized tasks such as portion management, utilization of by-products, and adherence to industry regulations.

Traceability and recalls

Bill of materials tracking

Markings  for Halal and other standards

Batch tracing with expiration dates

Special features for poultry processing

OEE software

The Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) software offers a distinct perspective on the effectiveness of your equipment, enabling you to better plan production quantities and estimate the required time for manufacturing.

By detecting bottlenecks and machine problems, it assists in preventing production delays and improving the accuracy of production time estimation.

Metal industry

Streamline your entire production process, from raw material procurement to product distribution, with comprehensive traceability and real-time monitoring. Experience enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime through optimized inventory management and automated quality control.

Mass production & tracking of individual production projects

OOE reports

Generate VDA labels

COGS calculations

Tracking of transport crates

Machine availability logs

Furniture manufacturing

Streamline the monitoring of upholstery sets, external partners, and process management using our specialized software application. Guarantee the traceability and quality control of your furniture production while simplifying operations and enhancing productivity with ease.

Record-keeping of sets

Record-keeping of external collaborators

Traceability and tracking

Raw material and inventory controls

Production of raw materials and semi-finished products


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