Company profile

Infonet d.o.o. is one of the few system integrators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which carefully selects products for integration by taking care of price, quality and capabilities of the equipment itself or the solutions.

We have been present on Bosnia and Herzegovina market since 1998 and during this period we have developed specific products that are directed primarily to meet the needs of customers and a safe, stable and efficient functioning.
By focusing on building a business information system that is in many ways unique in the market, we acquired specific knowledge in the integral application of information technologies in the fields of production, state administration, trade and services.

Today we work with the world's largest companies offering our customers the best and most efficient products. Over 200 customers who currently use our services and products are the best confirmation of the success and safety of our business philosophy.

INFONET d.o.o., Mehmedalije Maka Dizdara 26, 75000 Tuzla, BA
phone.: + 387 35 306 550_, fax.: + 387 35 306 551