Software solution for local administration - municipal authority is fully adapted to the needs and functioning of the municipal administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Software solution is designed to allow easy and efficient operation of staff at the counters that are responsible for issuing all types of certificates and documents. Intended primarily to the local administration who wants to solve the optimal communication with customers as well as provide analysis and internal control, system provides the speed, stability and reliability of their everyday work.


The system currently consists of six interconnected modules that include the local administration.

Each module may be used separately or as part of an integrated information system.


On the basis of master data it is possible to get a large number of reports and documents that are issued upon the request of the parties, with full monitoring and control of the complete history of changes and review of system users that also created certain changes.

Data from the master records can be used in other applications according to to clients' needs. Integration can be done through allowing direct data access from other applications or modules or using special modules for integration.


Based on a relational database, MS SQL Server and Windows client application, the system provides maximum security and stability in the work with complete control over user access rights to data. Data access is controlled on the level of the database server which provides maximum security and data protection from unauthorized use.

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