State Administration

For specifics of the implementation of information technology, government required the development of specific solutions that are fully adapted to the legislation which is currently in force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Frequent changes in laws are characteristic that led these solutions to a very high degree of flexibility and possibilities where the regular operating procedures very quickly and easily may be changed without having to modify the whole system.

The biggestproblems that arise in the application of informationtechnologies in the sector of public administration are :
- Obsolete existing equipment and technology
- Insufficient funds to complete the modernization of the information environments
- The need for fast, efficient and flexible solutions
- The complexity of the business environment with a large number of documents and business processes

Info ERP with additional modules for the Civil Service makes easier all the processes in the organization and ensures optimum use of all available resources. Particular emphasis in this module is placed on simplicity of use, speed and efficiency of processes that involve large amounts of data and data security at all levels.
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