Infonet ERP represents high-quality and comprehensive basis on which is built complete information subsystem for monitoring and production management.

Productive organizations represent highly complex business systems that operate on the principle of converting input resources into output, respectively into finished products. Modern production requires a high degree of automation, and information systems that support production management were slower in developing process than in other areas of business.

Infonet ERP provides the basic functions of management and monitoring of production :
- Production planning
- Monitoring the flow of production with all the information about the production process
- Analysis of costs and income

As a comprehensive solution, InfoERP automatically integrates production module with other modules in the system :
- Integration with warehouses of raw materials and finished products
- Integration with General Ledger
- Integration with the module of personnel records and payroll

InfoERP supports all kinds and types of production, as well as modern techniques of planning materials and production processes.

Applied in an adequate manner, Info ERP, with submodule for production management, enables manufacturing organizations full control and optimization of manufacturing processes.
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