The health sector

Studies conducted in recent years show that a large number (70%) of IT projects in the health service was not successfully implemented until the end where the vast majorities of projects are being delayed with the implementation and require much more resources than what was planned.

Analysis shows that the main cause for this is growing complexity of the sector and the increasing demands placed before the planners in terms of integration solutions, security and comprehensiveness of business processes.

Info ERP modules for the health sector are built on the basis of the best experiences from many years of designing business processes, providing customers with an efficient, stable and flexible solutions that become part of an integrated information system.

InfoCARE solutions for healthcare institutions include major business units :
- Primary care
- Administration
- Medical Information
- Work Divisions

Within these units, all business processes are covered and created in the unique integration platform within which can be achieved :
- Implementation of the anticipated costs
- Implementation of the planned time
- Efficient and easy solution
- Quality and update of business information
- Satisfaction of system users and service users
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