We offer a full range of fiscal printers and application softwares (Cash register, inventory, material, financial, auto service ...) with all the prepared parts for fiscalization, equipment and software maintenance, users training with a professional personnel.
Fiscal printer Tremol T260F Fiscal printer FP 555 BA
FISCAL PRINTER TREMOL T260F is the high class thermal printer designed to work with computer systems, serving as an electronic cash register with fiscal memory. Fiscal printer simultaneously prints the bill and the control bar on two separate rolls of paper, using the "Easy Load" mechanism for paper feeding. It is equipped with an automatic paper cutter for accounts with automatic winder for the control bar and built-in GPRS module. It is suitable for retail, wholesale facilities, warehouses, offices, services, etc.
The possibility of entry to 30000 items and 5000 clients.
FISCAL PRINTER BA 555 is a modern device of impressive features. It is characterized by a fast thermal printer, very fast communication, modern robust plastic housing. Wide straps provide a thermal printing of the full name of the item as well as commercials. Integrated GPRS terminal enables communication and sending data to the Tax Administration. In addition to the standard display for the customer, by a simple manipulation, the device can be extended with additional external display.
The ability to modify 65 000 items and 2000 clients.
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