Communication systems

Infonet has many years of experience in the design and implementation of communication systems. Electronic communication today plays a major role in managing and internal functioning of any organization. Whether it is a bank, a small or medium enterprise, public administration, scientific institute or university, to lead an organization without an effective system of electronic communications, in which basically is a robust and efficient system based on electronic mail, is almost unthinkable.

High quality electronic communications bring enormous cost savings and increase business efficiency. E-mail is the basic structure for time planning, human resources management, technical equipment and support of collaboration within the framework of "groupware" solutions.

As one of the most widely used means of communication, standard phone is also improved by using the concept of VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony service, which uses much cheaper Internet transmission lines and lets you make free calls within the organization and use the public telephone network via the same system.

It is possible to design solutions that combine telephony services and e-mail communications to create an efficient system that allows voice communication to e-mail server. Using video calls and video conference, new possibilities emerge for more advanced and more efficient operations.

The complex electronic solutions unite all internal and external communications into a single infrastructure called the Integrated Communication System (Unified Communications System).Integrated communication system allows mutual integration of all solutions, making it possible to for example use of 'Instant Messaging' system or a telephone conversation during the planning time, get the information that the person you are calling is currently in a meeting and leave a voice message that goes to the e-mail address. The recipient may later listen to this message by calling its e-mail servers.
All of these solutions must operate in an environment with the highest security requirements - both in terms of network communications and data security, as well as from the standpoint of protecting the system from viruses, spam, spyware, malware, etc.

The basic elements of the solutions offered by INFONET are :

Quality. We know how to adapt the communication system architecture to the exact needs of the client.

Robustness. Implementing solutions that are thoroughly tested and proven in practice.

High Availability. We possess extensive experience in implementation of 'cluster' solutions that are resistant to the downtime of any of the components as well as any natural disaster or catastrophe.

Support and maintenance. An experienced team is available for consultation and assistance in all phases of the initiation and use of the system.

Integration. Designing infrastructure solutions to integrate all the functionalities into a unified whole.

Mobility. We support the use of all types of mobile devices and communications.

Security. All our solutions are supported by the highest security requirements.

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