Adaptability increasingly becomes one of the main goals of modern business. With new opportunities and threats always present on the horizon, companies must be able to quickly, efficiently and effectively respond to dynamic environment. Virtualization is one of the most effective tools for enabling such adaptability. In virtualized systems expansion and reduction of technical resources can be performed easily. In case where the physical components and logical resources are presented in the virtual environment, administrators can manipulate them with more flexibility and fewer side effects than within standard systems.

Using tools for virtualization, server load may be dynamically shared through the servers, and it leaves possibility to control devices for data storage. In case of any kind of problem administrator can very easily 'return' to the correct configuration of the system.

In addition to adaptability, implementing virtualization can significantly reduce operating costs. The introduction of these systems contributes to a much greater internal efficiency and greatly reduces the need for and maintenance costs. All the elements of infrastructure may be put in better usage by the concept of virtualization. The transition to new operating systems or applications has been simplified by features regarding to easer installation and implementation. Consolidation of servers and disk capacity increases the ROI for this equipment to maximize its efficiency.

Infonet designs and implements complete solutions to virtualization using VMWare company products which is currently the market leader in this field.

Virtualization can be applied to companies of all types and sizes. Main areas of implementation of virtualization are :

Server consolidation

The main and most frequent use of virtualization. It is based on the fact that with increasing usage and development of information technology is constantly increasing number of applications that are used in organizations, and therefore the number of servers that support these applications. At the same time, the vast majority of these servers have been redesigned for these purposes, This leads to the results that indicate the average capacity utilization of the server should be just only a few percent.

Solution to these problems is server consolidation by using of virtualization. Virtualization allows us to easily provide simultaneous operation of several independent operating systems (and applications) on a single physical server. This solution delivers big savings through a smaller number of servers as well as much lower costs of maintenance and operational work.

Business continuity

Server Consolidation is not the only usage of virtualization. Separating the virtual server's hardware can create a large number of other advantages. Virtualization allows us to easily achieve the high availability of all servers, to build an independent data center and to create a very efficient and simple system for backup. All this contributes to increasing level of security and business continuity by ensuring minimal or no discontinuance in case of failure of hardware components, or natural disasters.

Virtual development

Model of virtual environmental development is suitable for all organizations that encourage self-developed software solutions. It is also possible to design environment in which through virtualization test and production servers are being separated, thus providing safer and more stable system operation.

Virtual desktop

In addition to scenarios that virtualize servers and server applications, it is possible to apply the concept of virtualization even on virtualization of client machines. In these cases the machines work on a server with many virtual PC machines on a single server (from 40 to 80). Users are able to connect to their virtual machine using a standard PC or via the 'thin client'. Main advantages of such an environment are :

  • - The unification of the client platform
  • - Users are able to access their virtual desktop from any location
  • - The system provides high reliability and availability
  • - Sensitive data is stored in the server room of the organization

All mentioned scenarios are in practice often combined and used according to the needs of the organization.



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