Borland Delphi

As an extremely stable and widespread platform for software development, Borland Delphi provides the stability, efficiency and ease of development specific requests based on desires and needs of end users.

Designed for development of client-server applications and applications that run in a Web environment, Delphi provides a safe and modular environment, with a huge library of additional third-party modules designed for solving specific, specialized needs in the development process.

Based on the best programming principles, Delphi allows developers superior productivity while providing great opportunities for the development of stable and highly user-oriented applications, which are characterized by a rich and highly usable user interface.


As a programming language, especially in the form of Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform, Java is generally considered the standard for the development of stable, component-based, distributed enterprise applications.

Infonet designs such applications for the most demanding clients in the telecommunications, banking and public administration. Besides the stability, efficiency and inter-operability, these clients also require rapid application development and flexible, and economical maintenance. In all these cases, J2EE development platform is the best choice.

We have experience in developing Web applications for Intranet and Internet usage, server and client applications that run on users' desktop computers. We create systems 'from scratch', but also build and integration solutions between different systems with different interfaces. We use Web Services, REST, JMS, interfaces to databases and other means of implementation.

Due to the fact that we are not subjectively oriented exclusively to one tehology, we can design solutions that are optimal for our users. Our solutions run on different application servers (Tomcat, JBoss, BEA, Oracle AS, ...) on all standard and non-standard operating systems (Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, AIX, HP / UX, ...) and on database servers from different manufacturers (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB / 2, MySQL, ...).

Web applications with rich functionality we create using JSF and Google toolkit technology, and in some cases using only the basics - JSP and servlets.

Web applications

Web applications, whether in the form of intranet solutions (for closed user groups within an organization) or Internet applications, for the "wide world" are the ideal solution for information distribution and large scale applications for a large number of users without the need of distributing programs at their workplaces.

Infonet has extensive experience in developing Web applications. We are able to design and implement applications that satisfy the most complex customer requirements.

Mobile applications

When developing applications for mobile devices - phones, we support all major platforms: Windows Mobile, Mobile Java (J2ME) and Symbian S60.

Some of the technologies that we use in this area are : GPS localization, Bluetooth connection, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, RFID reading and writing, reading bar codes, use the integrated camera, SMS send and receive and transmit data.

As this area is rapidly changing from day to day, we recommend our clients to, before a final decision on selection of equipment and software platform for mobile solutions, be sure to consult our experts in this field in order to enable an optimal choice.

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