infoCARE is the information system for health care, based on the Web used by the leading medical institutions around the world. System combines the range of application modules that are used for medical, administrative and statistical purposes. Each of these modules can serve as a base and support for the specific needs of medical institutions.

Heart infoCARE systemisthe Electronic Patient Record (EPR-electronic patientrecords), which collects general and medical data onpatients, and the Patient Master Index (PMI). PMI canfunction as a separate (stand-alone) product withina hospital facility, and may be part of a larger nationalor state system.

What infoCARE differs from other medical, hospital information systems (hospital information system-HIS) is its unique design, its most advanced technologies and "FastTrak to EPR" architecture and methodology. This combination of design and technology provides infoCARE system with flexibility and speed with all the advantages of EPR, starting from the first implemented infoCARE module.

infoCARE system can collect and integrate data from different EPR and public health systems.

Built on the powerful integrative platform unlike other systems, which basis are strictly contained of databases and other technologies of the past. As a result, infoCARE modules are easily connected with other systems that provide medical and patient records that are located around the world in different institutions, regions and countries.

Unlike other information systems for health, that subsequently tried to become a Web-based, the infoCARE infoCARE from the very beginning was built as a Web-based system that allows unimpeded and secure access to patient information, regardless of the location from which you can access. As infoCARE system is based on the Web, it also provides some hardware advantages in the form of reduced IT and administrative costs related to upgrading the software in a traditional client /server environment.

With infoCARE system users can quickly learn about and are equipped with powerful tools with which they can easily adapt to our system solutions if and whenever they want to.


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