In the modern business environment, the right information is the basis of quality and timely action in the market. The path to accurate and timely information can be complicated and difficult if the business has a complex organization and vast amount of information. Information system for resource management organization or ERP for short (from the English word Enterprise Resource Planning) should offer a solution to the challenges that stand in the way of modern business.

The result of many years of experience in developing software solutions InfoERP makes accurate business system that quickly and reliably provides information relevant to the successful management of to business processes, decision making and control of realization of business objectives. InfoERP has information system based on modern technologies, developed by a professional team with extensive experience and supported by hundreds of users in cooperation with the development team which constantly improves the system and makes it better and more applicable to everyday work.

Financial accounting
Budget bookkeeping
Inventory accounting (purchase, sale)
VAT records (KIF, KUF, VAT returns)
Cash register
Payroll accounting
Personnel records
Warehouse management
Fixed assets
Small inventory
Calculation of interest
Invoicing of goods and services
Commercial (bids, estimates)
Procurement process


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